Topics Of Interest


I see what you’re thinking there. You’re thinking I can really go for chipotle right now. Now that’s a little inappropriate, because we’re talking about TOPICS OF INTEREST – and I’m trying to consolidate all the prime cuts this blog has to offer so you don’t have to navigate this miasma in the cold and dark by your lonesome.


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Hot-diggedy, here you’ll find the latest and greatest. Probably not the latest, it really depends on how often I update it.

I’m probably not updating that much, let’s be honest.

But what’s there is pretty good, guaranteed.

Vanier’s Topics of Note

Honestly, it depends on how much you really like inappropriate streams of consciousness from an Arts Major. I thought I was gonna be a teacher, man.

Magpie’s Topics of Note

Everyone has that one friend that’s just magic and whimsy and other sweet attributes and that’s this one. Here you can find topics that all the little witchlings and wizard babies could possibly want from a Celtic Studies major. Also lots of recipes.