So, you have made it here to this small patch of internet we’ve have staked claim to. Chances are that means you’re searching for something (presumably, a hint of everyday whimsy) – otherwise why would you have scoured the internet so deeply? As such, you will be amply rewarded with the plethora of articles and topics we have to offer. The contents of our minds is vast, and this blog aims to encapsulate that: to clarify, who “we” are is outlined below. Each of us co-writers will bring you something different, and maybe a little bit random. So go on, explore, and stick around if this is just what you’re looking for.

Vanier Kopff (or Vanny), Admin, Co-Author & Illustrator

01_ppvanier Sometimes I write,

I draw, spin, whip it, twist it, pull it, bop it.

Mostly scrolls on eBay though.

Deluded Magpie (or Megan), Editor & Co-Author

01_ppmeganI am a magpie.

And I am a girl. And I am co-writer of this blog you have stumbled upon! One can be all these things at once. Isn’t it beautiful?

Once I lived on a farm. I picked wild flowers (snapdragons and fireweed), splashed in mud puddles, cried when I got lost in the birch trees and poplars, and chased pale blue-and-brown butterflies. The moon was my favourite sight in the sky.

And then one day I migrated to a city for a taste of something new. In time, I came to be in Toronto, and then Edmonton. And I became a product of a different wilderness, one full of buskers making music in the streets, and delicious new treats, and so many things I can’t describe them all! Sometimes though I still miss the sound of the crickets at night and the darkness that allows galaxies from above to illuminate your dreams.

So who am I now and what do I have to offer you as my part of this blog experience, dear reader? I am a mix of urban and rural, with a strange adoration of tea time. I want to show you the magic of my world and remind you that even most paved areas have blades of grass breaking through. However, don’t be upset if I get distracted by something shiny on the way. 😉