Too Many Projects: Doodles #1 Alas, Poor Yorick

If you want to know what I do – as I have the last amount of blog posts, yet I blog from the main account – I’m just a behind-the-scenes kinda work. Nothing much. I just organize, correct, make changes, and be very lazy. On almost everything I do.

I find myself working on things pertaining on the blog, and not the actual blog itself.


Magpie and I have too many fantasies. Too many wishes, too many desires. I’ve been busy on one of those (plus a personal project, because I’m fucking stupid) and I’ve decided to show off some work that I’ve been doing.

We decided to just start. Just start. And I decided to work on a few charm designs to be printed into necklace pieces. We are starting a small collection made of our collective artistic talent and I’m working on the more digital pieces.

All these pictures on my personal facebook and instagram pages. You can go look for those if you want to. I’ll just make the process easier by putting them here for your pleasure. This is the initial doodle and the beginning of the inking process in Affinity Designer. I used to use photoshop, but my tablet broke and I’d rather buy a new one than spend to fix it if I were honest. I can get by without it – though it’s a pain.

It’s Yorick’s skull, if you couldn’t tell from the title. I wanted it to look like it was being held by Hamlet’s muddy, pale, and feeble hand –


– and this is what I initially ended up with instead. The hand is poorly. I had to change it cause it looked like baby’s first anime hand. You know the one. The one you draw in anime club, for your OC. Feck it.


So I changed it. I’m actually very quick and this all happened within the span of two days and a half, it could’ve gone quicker if I didn’t get lazy, haha. This is very close to the finished design which I shall show you – super exclusive – right now:

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 5.06.36 PM.png

And there you go.

– Vanier Kopff


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