Cupcake Carnage

I have a confession to make – though I may scavenge a bit in my aviary fashion, I can get a little picky with my sweet treats. That is, I love vegan cupcakes. There, I said it. For my mother’s birthday I decided to make cupcakes because I thought that it would be cheaper than buying fancy cupcakes. Generally it was. I think I saved about $30 because I had a lot of stuff on hand, but the labour involved… well… can you really put a cost on labour in the name of crafty and deliciousness? I would like to say I kicked buttercream this weekend, but it may have kicked me by the end of things. *wipes sweat off brow and swoons with exhaustion*


The cookbook I used for this endeavour was: Vegan Cupcakes Takes Over the World by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. As shown in the pictures above, I made the Golden Vanilla Cupcakes, and the Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes. The chocolate ones were the main attraction as mom very specifically stated she wanted a chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and coconut on top. I made the vanilla ones on the side for those “monsters who don’t like chocolate” (quoting myself in the kitchen). I must admit though, the chocolate ones were so intense and flavourful I found myself drawn to the vanilla ones as a palate cleanser. 😉

Before I could start decorating, I required a tea break to increase the energy reserves. T&T had these adorable tea bags imported from Korea. Gangam Sauna man is a lemon mate tea, and First Love is a strawberry black tea. They are so cute. n_n The tea definitely did its job and energized me for the frosting!


I just used a star tip and tried to make the frosting as fluffy and swirly as possible. After that, the cupcakes were garnished with some toasted coconut and chocolate almonds. Isa includes instructions in her cookbook for toasting coconut on your own. Personally, I find that process infuriating even though her instructions are simple and helpful. So, I shelled out the extra cents at Bulk Barn for some pre-toasted coconut goodness. Additionally, the original recipe calls for coffee frosting and a chocolate covered coffee bean on top but the mom gets what the mom wants so, I nixed the coffee flavours with the aforementioned alternatives.

All in all, in spite of a lot of swearing and the shortening still stuck in weird places of my house, it was a lot of fun making these cupcakes.

A special shout out to my lovely assistant who called me a kitchen nazi but helped me regardless. You know who you are. ❤

Thank you for visiting our patch of internet, my dearest readers,

Miss. Magpie signing out.


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