Shiny Baubles Aplenty: Bodyline Review

Hello, dear readers. You will not see a photo of the weather this post for I am in mourning. As of Canadian Thanksgiving, the weather here abruptly became a Winter Wonderland. I’ve not even carved a pumpkin yet and, as such, feel robbed of my lovely Autumn dreams. ;-; However, one must persevere – Northern Alberta has always had turns in the weather like this, but in my travels I grew unfamiliar with it. Thus, my mourning is purely due to my own melodrama – on a happier note though, you will see pictures of my promised Bodyline order below!

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This was a rather momentous occasion for me. In my teens I could never afford Lolita clothing, and my sewing attempts at it were sub-par to say the least (it is hard to thread a needle with talons and feathers). I had a slightly Lolita/Goth inspired wardrobe, but that was where the interesting aspects of my wardrobe ended. Skip ahead about a decade, Bodyline was having a 50% off sale last month, and for the first time in my life I had some extra money – it was a done deal.

My splurge includes: two skirts, a shirt, bloomers, a petticoat, and a jumperskirt (jsk). They arrived after about 12 days from shipping, which is very reasonable given the company is shipping from Japan. I omitted from the above photos that they initially arrived from the post office in durable gray packages. The red packaging is what separated the clothing items within from each other.

Beginning with the jsk (l489), it really is a beautifully thick material. The dress is unlined, but it is heavy enough that one ought to be quite warm in it with a proper set of tights. The lace was soft as was the ribbon used. I have two critiques of it alone: 1) there were many stray threads that hadn’t been snipped before shipping; 2) it is a bit large for me. The latter is shocking. I’m a broadly built individual, and according to my measurements it should have just fit. Layered with a bulkier shirt underneath though, it will definitely work well for my needs.

The next items on the agenda are the floral skirts (l353). I bought two of the same skirt, but one was black and one was in burgundy. I really cannot complain on these. They fit perfectly (an elastic waistband is a wonderful thing). Since they are high waisted, and not pleated, they actually look better without a petticoat. I find this flattering on one with wide hips like myself. The colours are lovely, the prints are well-done, and unlike the jsk, there are no stray threads.

To go with the items above, I also purchased a blouse (l484). It is well-made, but like the jsk, it is too large. I can wear it well enough, but it tends to bunch up beneath my skirts creating an undesired affect. It came with an extra bow to pin on, but less can be more in this instance.

Moving on, the bloomers (l509) have a similar lace to parts of the jsk, and the blouse above. It is much softer than I expected, and I am very pleased. I have seen Lolitas review Bodyline poorly in the past due to scratchy lace, but I confess, this is better than anything I could buy at a box store in the mall. Additionally, the bloomers are made of a thick cotton material, just like the jsk and skirts.

I saved the worst for last: the petticoat (pan087). I have never seen a good review on a Bodyline petticoat, so I don’t know why I thought I would be the magical exception to that trend, but I did and I was wrong. It looks like it was made for a child as it is very small and very short. Their “cream” is yellow. And it is atrociously flat. ._.

All in all, I am pleased with the products in my order. To assign an arbitrary rating system to it, I would say Bodyline earned a 7/10. Will I order from them again though? No. In researching them for this blog post, I have seen some pretty serious allegations towards the company, which make me hesitant on an ethical level. Also, there was a lot of plastic used in packaging the order which make it an environmentally questionable choice.

Lastly, I realized through all this, that I am not the same Magpie I was a decade ago. The skirts I can wear on a day to day level and the bloomers will go underneath them well, but the rest may be reserved for Halloween. Being a daily Lolita is no longer one of my goals. Of course our tastes change as we age, but this snuck up on me. Due to this realization, I am compelled to quote the words of Anaïs Nin: “I feel like a well-appointed laboratory of the soul” (8, The Diary of Anaïs Nin). My changing fashions just reflect the experimental nature of my personality. 😉

As always, thank you for reading, my dear friends. I wish all the best upon you.


P.S. I know I mentioned a post on the Witches’ Market here in Edmonton; however, it was so crowded I couldn’t take any photos, or get a good look at anything. That post has been cancelled.


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