Making Magic and Casserole…But Mostly Casserole


October is finally upon us! I know I mentioned in my initial Autumnal post the special feelings I have for the month’s celebrations but first, can we appreciate the month of September with a quick picture post?

This past month, I started trying to decorate my house for Halloween (hence the cobweb tablecloth), but I feel it came out more generally Pagan-looking than specifically Halloween themed. That said, I am still pleased with the outcome.

The trees changed colour and I rushed to take pictures of their beauty before they became completely naked and vulnerable. They are nearly bare and skeletal for October, excluding the evergreens. Most excellent indeed. *-*

And the necklace I recently acquired will be recognizable to the odd anime nerd as the Key of Clow from Cardcaptor Sakura. (Is anyone else excited about the approaching anime rebirth of the franchise?  Please comment in the section below because I need people to geek out with severely.)

The end of this month and continuing into October will be about finding the splendid in simple things. I didn’t live decadently before, but if I wanted to go out and have a raucous night on the town, I was safe to indulge in the cost that entails.

At the moment, I am waiting for a spinach and rice casserole to cool so I can gobble it right up. I saw this recipe and thought “Hark! I have all the ingredients for that” and it was a done deal. I added a teaspoon of cumin for flavour (and because it pairs well with salsa). My version looks like this:

Yes, I only have 1 baking pan. XD

It is raining tremendously outside. Aside from eating this scrumptious looking thing, I think today will be dedicated to tea and books. Unlike Vanier, I am a black tea with milk and honey kind of gal. 😉

While I search for magic in the land of the literary, here’s a quotation that I have always found splendid for no particular reason:

The little harlots will caper, and freaks will distract attention, and the clowns will break the rhythm of the whole with their buffooneries—but the solidity of the procession as a whole: the impressiveness of things that pass and pass and pass, and keep on and keep on and keep on coming.

The irresistibleness of things that neither threaten nor jeer nor defy, but arrange themselves in mass-formations that pass and pass and keep on passing.

So, by the damned, I mean the excluded.

But by the excluded I mean that which will some day be the excluding.

Or everything that is, won’t be. (Charles Fort, The Book of the Damned)

My dearest readers, as always, thank you for visiting our blog, and I hope your lives are filled with the utmost in positivity.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. shockinglydelicious says:

    Thanks for throwing my spinach rice casserole in the oven! I totally approve of the cumin addition, and salsa on top for serving. Hope you liked it!


    1. deludedmagpie says:

      Thank you for your comment! Keep an eye on our blog, we’re always cooking up something and will probably reference your recipes again in the future. 😀 P.S. Your blog is lovely


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