Jewel and Bone

For all of us travel alone on bridges made of jewel and bone.-paraphrased from James Reese’s The Book of Shadows

Life has not been going according to plan for Miss Magpie…not that life regularly does for anyone, but hopefully that explains the gaps in my posts. You see, my job has been functioning on a contract to contract basis with the opportunity to gain permanent status. It was revealed to me the other day that I haven’t successfully obtained permanent status and – unless something otherwise pops up – my job ends come the beginning of November.

Growing up in some rough forests, I learnt long ago that one hopes for the best and expects the worst. This way you’re never caught in a situation where you can’t take care of yourself. As a result, I have a stock pile of birdseed in the cupboard for the rough winter months. Other than that though, I think I earnestly believed they were going to keep me on. I have heard nothing but positive feedback about the work I have done. My interview for permanent status was deemed impressive. They admitted it was due to workplace politics that I didn’t get the job.

I am not trying to establish praise for myself, just to convey the level of shock I was (and perhaps still am) at facing unemployment rapidly. I guess I naively believed that if I worked hard, and was kind to my co-workers, then the universe would see that and I would be rewarded. That is not the case. I will still work hard and be kind, but I must readjust my principles of reward.

A key issue has also been that people around me aren’t interpreting my emotions properly. It’s a bird-human communication issue. I cry about the things I can’t act upon, but this… I can at least make a battle plan for. I can budget accordingly, job hunt, amp up my resume… and I can hope. I’m not angry with anyone, it’s the nature of the beast, and I feel the greatest vengeance I can have anyway is to thrive in spite of a person – or institution. Letting everyone know they didn’t get under my skin…I’m as proud as a peacock that way unfortunately.

You can anticipate to see more on this blog though in the ways of thrifty living. I realize I became quite accustomed to the income of the middle class human. I’ve begun air drying my clothes again, and cooking more at home. I managed to acquire a typewriter, so that might become a hobby of mine. I’m excited to try it, I just need some ribbon for it.


Also, before this all happened, I ordered from Bodyline’s massive 50% off sale. I have always wanted to incorporate a little bit of Lolita fashion into my everyday style, but never had the money or the sewing skills. When that comes in the mail I will show it to you all. 😀 I love receiving packages. Even though you paid for it yourself, the suspense of when it will come in makes it feel special and gift-like.

Before I sign off, here is a link of 101 Lolita things to do. It’s from those ancient LiveJournal days, but really quite an admirable list that I have kept bookmarked for years just because I could. It’s not just for Lolitas either. There is a plethora of crafty ideas, and ideas that are just plain old fun to think of.

Now, I wish all my dear readers the best. As always, thank you for reading.

P.S. The Witches’ Market in my city is approaching. I will have photo filled posted for you on that come October so stay tuned!



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