I’m Currently Drinking Tea



Magpie has been the one throwing down these actual lifestyle posts on this lifestyle(?) blog(?) – that’s not the matter right now. The matter right now is what am I drinking right now?

It’s jasmine-scented tea.

It’ll probably always be jasmine-scented tea.

Don’t mind my toes.

Fun fact, my father works as a department head for a small manufacturer of thermocouples and heaters. The manufacturing floor is filled with immigrants and of course a camaraderie has formed amongst them on this lone fact.

My father, (as is I and most of my family) is an immigrant; paired with his outgoing temperament, he’s become an indispensable person to communicate between upper management and the manufacturing floor. He’s well-liked, or at least I assume so, because he manages to come home with a sort of gift with some regularity.


With exception of the Tetley, the rest of the tea were all gifts from my father’s Chinese co-workers. I know I should’ve moved the spreads out of the way, but I’m too lazy for that.

Just take my word that there’s a lot of tea in there. I’m also the only who drinks tea in the entire household.


Currently, this is the tea of choice. I’ve no idea what it’s called but apparently – CHINA IS A COUNTRY WITH A TIME-HONOREDCIVILIZATION AND A LAND OF CEREMONY AND DECORUM. WHENEVER GUESTS VISIT

Ain’t that something. And if you’re wondering, there’s four whole boxes worth of this: bilo and loose versions. This number also does not include this open box.

Mate, I am SET.

Anyway, if you haven’t had a chance to try a jasmine-scented tea – think of it as a less-bitter-than-usual green tea. Maybe. You can smell the floral note from the jasmine, which I think is pretty goddamn rad. I like my tea bitter so I never have anything with it – no milk, no sugar, not anything – I just want the taste of tea.

That’s one thing I could never get behind, personally, is tea with milk and other trappings. The only thing I get with milk and sugar is my Timmies and whatever it is that Starbucks gives me – because their coffee is garbage.

I mean, not just because I have most coffee with milk and sugar. I’m a pleb.

However with tea: it’s black or bust.


This tea, as you can see, is a loose leaf. Apparently, I was asking my friend, and the bilo (spiral) tea that has been vacuum-sealed is more desired by the Chinese populace. I don’t taste much a difference between the two. I have a terrible sense of smell though, so maybe I’m just missing an extra dimension of flavour that people with working nostrils tend to pick up on.

Either way, the hot water becomes a bitter liquid with a deep hue and it just tastes good. I tend to have tea by itself. It’s a thing I use to relax with, I don’t drink tea just because it’s there. Sometimes it’s just enough to watch the tea leaves swirl. I can contemplate on the act of letting it sit, letting it cool down, sipping it slowly – and inevitably drinking the heaps of tea I forgot about for an hour when it’s frigid cold.

Heck, I’m only human.

Anyhoozers, this is all I can think of saying right now. I’m terrible at these kinda things and I hope I don’t have to embarrass myself in the future.

Alright I’m off.

-Vanier Kopff

P.S, If you want to satiate my curiosity, lemme know about you’re own tea-drinking habits and preferences.


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  1. deludedmagpie says:

    I like my green and white teas without anything but black teas get the milk and honey treatment all the way. Fufufufu. Perhaps we ought to duel about this? 😉


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