The Crepes of Wrath

Food has played a significant role in human celebrations of all kinds. In earlier times, the Earth and its bounty were connected with goddesses and gods. Fruit, seed, root, and flower were all manifestations of divinity.
As we’ve lost the knowledge of old magics, so too have we forgotten the mystic lore of food. But timeless energies still vibrate within our meals. They wait for us to sense and use them. (Cunningham 2)

While I am not entirely of the same persuasion as Scott Cunningham, I do agree with him in the belief that food is one of the few truly magical things in this world. It, is the potion that can aid in healing us or contribute to our health’s overall downfall. It connects us to the Earth: what we eat is changing as our climate and seasons change/our climate is changing partially due to the production of the food we eat. Also, the social aspects of eating connect us to each other. Eating together is a form of bonding, and the foods we opt to eat and opt out of eating can establish our belief systems to each other.

All of this is to say that, I don’t always think about food. Not every blog post will be about it. BUT, I feel no shame in posting again in a food related way. 😉

I said goodbye to summer once and for all through crepes, plum cake, and the ever present tea. I find making crepes to be a very meditative process. Crepes are not difficult to make once you get the hang of it, but the process is somewhat a balance between patience and urgency. I won’t instruct you on how to make crepes, but I will include below some of my favourite recipes. They’ll do a much better job in the technical aspects. I will, however, force a picture of my creations upon you as such:IMG_20160829_203448550.jpg

For the lonely crepe eater: Single Crepe by butterscotchgirl

For the traditionalist: Basic Crepe by JENNYC819

For the healthy: WHOLE-WHEAT CREPES (FOR BREAKFAST OR DESSERT!) by 100 Days of Real Food

For the decadent: Make Chocolate Crepes by wikiHow Community

If you would like to mimic the experience of my crepe party, then follow the second recipe loosely and accompany with Buddha’s Blend tea, fantastic company, and break for bubbles.

Thank you for reading,


P.S. I promise my next post will be on a different topic.


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