Of course there’s an introduction

Why wouldn’t there be…

I’ve got the grand proposal: an introduction to an idea. I’ve typed this up once or twice – never got anywhere, couldn’t think of what to say – but that doesn’t matter now.

What matters is that there is a reader and this person of importance wants to know what this whole blog is about.

It’s about nothing.

Yes, the grand proposal turns can be easily surmised by that iconic setup from Seinfeld. We’re not original people, but we know what we’re about.

Personally, I’ve been looking out into a desert. That’s what I like to call my future. I’ve stuck my hands in my pockets and I’m looking out into a desert. The wind is blowing and it blasts the dry heat up my nostrils. Let me tell you it sucks. For some reason I have my phone in this middle-of-nowhere sand receptacle and it’s been blowing up. My notifications are showing off my friends and their oasis – some are soon to acquire whole islands and coasts. My parents are texting me about my cousins and relations, and my vanity and egotism is getting very hard to control, but man, here I am in this desert.

And I have to still go forward.

There’s nothing here, it’s a freaking desert. Granted, if I’m perceptive I’ll be able to see the sidewinders make their way across the desert – and I’ve gotta admit, I’m thoroughly impressed. My interest is peaked and I’m kinda feeling… good about myself. Is that really weird? In the desert of my so-called future I’m seeing a little venomous adder whip like a land crab across the loose sand dunes and I’m thinking to myself it’s gonna be okay.

While other people and animals can walk on well-pounded paths – have others that’ve trudged beforehand who they can follow – I’ve got a desert. The lose sand erases all previous steps, if there were any, and resources are limited. Yet, here is a little sidewinder who learned how to travel across the dunes and go where it may. It’s unconventional, no garden snake would travel like this. You wouldn’t find a snake on solid ground who would decide to move – leaving j-patterns on the ground – in such a weird way.

Here, is the little sidewinder.

Here, is the loose, shifting sands beneath my feet.

And maybe, I’ve gotta make it across the desert in a weird way too.

Now I’m not saying I’m some special case where my life is so unique that this is the only way I could possibly adjust. I’m just saying I’ve been taking a longer start than most. My feet have been planted on the starting line for so long that my landscapes slowly turned from the lush forests of my childhood to the god-forsaken desert I’m looking out at now. I’m reminded almost daily that my parents are worried; they’re the kind of people who oft start sentences with “I’m not comparing you to other people but –” but. But what? You’re going to compare me to other people?

I have to say in a sheepish tone, that yeah, I’m a slow starter – maybe I haven’t even started. Maybe I don’t know how to start. I’ve been a tepid teapot my entire life, having had no reason to whistle. Now as I sit here all the other teapots have learned to give off steam, let people know they’re here, and now I’m too cool make a cup of tea. A shame really, coulda been something.

But that’s life, you’re gonna realize you’ve got no steam. You’re gonna realize. You’re gonna realize you’ve got Nothing.

A whole lotta Nothing.

At least I know what I’ve got. Sure, it’s a whole lotta nothing, but my hands are in my pockets and they’re my pockets and they’re my hands. I’ve got to keep on moving forward. So I don’t know how I’m going to straddle in my desert, I don’t even know how long I’m gonna be here – if I’ll even be here for long. Heck, this might be just a phase I’m going through. If I sidewinder’d over the yonder I’ll find that Las Vegas was legitimately ten minutes away, if I just started walking. Boy, wouldn’t that be embarrassing.

Anyway, this blog isn’t about little old me. It’s not even about my co-author and good friend. It’s about YOU, and what YOU wanna do when you come over here and see a whole lotta nothing.

And a whole lotta something.

A whole lotta dreams about the city and the forest.

New foods to try and new times to be tried. Hahaha, I’m impatient is what I’m saying. There’s so many things to show, explore, commend, contemplate, etc. etc. etc.

When YOU come over here and you see that there’s a ton personality and a ton of desires and a ton of goals and a ton of words.

(Man, there’s too many words.)

We’ve got a whole world to tell YOU, and it starts with something.

It starts with nothing, a whole lotta nothing.

And we keep on going forward.

-Vanier Kopff


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